Stiffi 2 Spoke Wheel 700c - Track

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The All New Stiffi 2 Spoke Carbon 700c Bicycle Wheels! 

Created to be strong / stiff and aero dynamic with minimal air drag resistance.

After the past few years of extensive testing with CAD / Aerodynamics and real time real people testing these wheels we are very excited to release this wheel to the world. 

Our mould has been perfected and fine tuned to create the most beautiful wheel on the market

Stiffi 2 wheel

Available in track versions and road spec with disc mounting capabilities. Shimano cassette ready. Wheels come with basalt brake surface    

Aerodynamically tuned to reduce drag and air friction. The wheels on bicycles are generally the largest cause of drag. So by reducing the drag we've created much more efficiency for the rider.


* Carbon Fibre - Gauge 1.9mm 
* Width 24mm
* Sealed Bearing Hubs (Track 9mm Axel) 15mm Track nuts
* Weight F / 790g R / 930g - The lightest two spoke wheel ever! 
* Available in clincher 
* Hidden valve recess for better aerodynamics 
* 3/8/12K weave options + UD
* QR for road hubs 
* 8, 9 & 10 Speed Shimano / Sram Available 

Can support 700x23-28c tyres