Sebastian Vettel Rides Stiffi Wheels

seb vetoes new bike stiffi2 2spoke wheel

Seb Vettel's new 2020 Custom bike inspired by his fan Walter Rohrl (Rally driver)

Featuring the new Stiffi2 wheels

Two spoke carbon technology with next to no drag. This bike was created with inspiration from Rohrl's Audi Quattro 

See link below

Our design process was carried out this year by Rupert Skinner in the UK 

Sebastian vettels new fixie bike stiffi wheelsseb vettels bike 2020 stiffi wheels

We were all very happy how this bike turned out. 

Stiffi wheels Seb vettels bike

Ema @ Gold Emotion Australia made this 24K bottle of BRUT with gold flakes as a small gift for Seb. Very nicely done :) 


Seb Vettel Stiffi 2 2 spoke wheel


Custom BRUT 24K Justrideit Gold Emotion Seb Vettel