Warranty Liability


Stiffi Wheels: This warranty covers any build faults or manufacturing defects that may become evident during normal riding. Nipples and spokes will only be covered under warranty if there is evidence of an unusual amount of breakages or failures that wouldn't usually occur under the products recommended riding conditions. However products with moving parts (such as hubs, bearing kits), that fail due to misuse, improper tampering, or lack of maintenance are not covered under warranty even if failure occurs within one year from date of purchase.  

All products have an intended purpose. Products used outside of their purpose will not be warranted and we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to misuse. It is the customers responsibility to inspect the product on a regular basis to determine the need for service and or replacement. Furthermore in the case of fixed sprockets & lock rings it is the users responsibility to ensure both products are checked and tightened before and after each ride. Should this not be done either or both can become loose resulting in an accident and/or damage to the sprocket/lock ring/hub; in this case warranty claims an invalidated.

EXCLUSIONS: This warranty excludes consumable products, such as Brake Pads, Rim Tapes, and in many cases, Nipples and Spokes. It also does not cover damage resulting from misuse, including but not limited to:

  • Bicycle accidents (both self-inflicted and environmental)
  • Riding with incorrect tire pressure
  • Exceeding recommended rider weight
  • Usage in conditions not recommended for the product
  • Insufficient maintenance, tampering, misuse and neglect
  • Impact damage from a roof rack-mounted bike colliding with an overhead obstacle.
  • Incorrect assembly or assembly in combination with other parts that are not compatible

Please ensure you use the correct Brake Pads for your Wheels, as damage caused by incorrect Brake Pad usage is not covered. If unsure, feel free to contact us for assistance.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: We prioritise customer satisfaction and aim to promptly address any issues with Stiffi products. Contacting us first allows us to understand the problem and provide efficient solutions. Many issues can be resolved over the phone, saving you time away from cycling.

Once your wheels reach our workshop, they enter our priority queue for assessment. We meticulously inspect them to ensure the problem is resolved accurately the first time. We will then communicate the resolution with you.

While this process may take time, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

WARRANTY TURNAROUND: The estimated turnaround time for warranty claims ranges from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on various factors including the nature of the claim and current stock availability. Our thorough assessment process not only resolves your issue but also informs future product enhancements.

WARRANTY COVERAGE: Approved warranty claims include free exchange and labour for faulty wheel rebuilds. However, you are responsible for the return shipping costs to our warehouse. If the claim is approved, we cover the return shipping to you. If declined, return or repair expenses are your responsibility.

REPAIR OR REPLACE: We will repair or replace the product as deemed appropriate based on the issue.

REFUND POLICY: Refunds are not automatically granted for dissatisfaction. We will assess the situation and offer repair, replacement, or alternative options if necessary.

Our goal is to resolve your concerns promptly and effectively, ensuring your cycling experience remains enjoyable.